Ways to Make Your Home Feel Brighter During the Winter

Bright houseFor many, winter can be a particularly tough season to get through. If you’re not dealing with the biting cold outside, you’re likely stuck at home where it can be easy to become bored and listless. However, there are some simple things you can do to make your home feel a bit brighter. This way, you’ll survive the winter and feel a bit better in the process.


Go Bold with Bright Colors


It can often be difficult to keep your spirits up when everything around you feels gloomy. Although cool, neutral colors can make your home feel cooler during the summer, these colors can actually add to the gloom when winter hits its peak. Adding pops of bold colors into your living areas can raise your spirits. For example, switching out white curtains in favor of bright red, green or blue curtains can be enough to make your space feel more lively.


Give Your Home a Deep Clean


Even though you may regularly vacuum, dust and mop, your home may still feel slight grungy in the winter. This can be especially true if you’re constantly tracking in wet dirty snow. Giving your home a deep clean on a day off can actually make you feel more comfortable in your own home. Cleaning the grout in your kitchen or bathroom, for example, can make your counter or floor look much brighter and feel cleaner. Vacuuming around the corners of your living room and dusting around the edge of the ceiling will get rid of any cobwebs and remove any dirt and dust that may be making you feel off your game.


Switch Out Your Lighting


There are many different types of bulbs available. Some bulbs cast a cool white light while others case a warm white light. Still others are known as daylight bulbs as they cast a natural glow. Bulbs that cast a cool white light may make your home feel colder than it actually is. A warm white light can give your space a cozy feeling at night. When the clouds are forming outside, a daylight bulb can add some of the warmth back in that you might be missing.


Bring Back the Green


If you’re more of a spring or summer person, you’re likely missing the color of green grass outside your window. Bring home some fresh flowers or invest in some live potted plants to bring back some life into your home. Your new plants will help you add color to your space and even give you fresher air to breath. If you have pets that love to munch on unsuspecting plants, using floral candles or scent sprays can also help you perk up.


Keep Winter out of Sight


There’s nothing more depressing than having a bunch of puffy coats and boots littering the entryway. Stick them in a closet once they’ve dried. This way, those bulky items won’t take up valuable space and you won’t have to be constantly reminded that winter is sitting on your doorstep. Keeping everything in its place also means that you and your family members will always know where your essential warm items are when you need them.


Brightening up the Winter Season


Making some small changes in your home can have an impact on how you feel. When your home feels brighter, more spacious and clean, you may find that you’re a bit more at ease and are able to keep the gloomy feelings at bay, no matter what the temperature is outside.


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