Tricks to Getting Up Easily in the Morning

alarm-clockWith the fall season finally started, you may be finding that you and your kids are having difficulty not only getting up in the morning but leaving home alert and awake. If you find it difficult to avoid hitting the snooze button for another 10 minutes of sleep, there are several tricks you can use to make the mornings a little bit easier.
Create a Routine Sleeping Schedule

Even though it is fun to stay up late watching television or exploring the internet, this can cause you to have problems waking up, especially if you are getting less than eight hours of sleep. By picking a time to go to bed and sticking to that schedule, your body will naturally begin to adjust to becoming tired the same time every night. This works for actually waking as well; if you commit yourself for getting out of bed at the same time every day, you will find it easier to actually get up when the alarm goes off the first time.

This technique does require some practice as you may have to force yourself to actually get up out of bed. However, stick with it and it will become easier over time. Eventually it will become a habit and you will not have to push yourself.

Relocate Your Alarm Clock

You may find that it becomes more and more difficult to actually get out of bed, especially if the temperatures are getting colder. However, once you are out, it is easier to get going with your day. By moving your alarm clock, you will have no choice but to get up and turn it off. Make sure to use a song or sounds that will wake you up and switch up the alarm sounds as soon as you start to find it difficult to wake up again.

Make Use of the Natural Light

Utilizing the natural light can help your brain with waking up. During the spring and summer months, you can adjust your blinds so that light comes in as the sun rises. During the fall and winter months, however, you likely need to be up and getting ready to go before the sun rises. A natural alarm clock that mimics daylight can help. These alarm clocks simulate the sun rise and make the room brighter slowly without jolting you awake. This method also allows you to wake up naturally so you do not end up sitting up awake right when you are in the middle of your dream cycle.

Get Moving

One of the easiest ways to feel more awake is to start moving. Whether that means getting in the shower, washing your face or even getting dressed and going for a quick run, you are less likely to fall back asleep if you are already focused on something else. Even simple stretching or eating a mint can get your mind off being tired or sleepy.

Ultimately, it is far easier to wake up and get going with your day if you get a good night’s sleep. Even if you are sleeping for longer periods of time, you may not feel rested or energized if you spend all night tossing, turning and waking up intermittently. If you find that, no matter what you do, you cannot get quality sleep, you could potentially have a medical condition that prevents you from getting to sleep or staying asleep. Always talk to your doctor if you ever have any trouble with your sleep habits as they may have a solution that allows you to feel ready to go every day.


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