Tips for Making Home Improvement Resolutions for the New Year

With the new year just starting, it may be time to make some changes when it comes to your home. Whether you’re looking to make your home safer, make some improvements or de-clutter, here are some tips to get you started.


Improve Your Space


As you are analyzing your home and determining what projects you want to take on this year, don’t forget to look at your home’s stability and safety.• What are your home’s radon levels?It is estimated by the EPA that one in every 15 homes has elevated radon levels. Breathing in radon can lead to lung cancer. There are simple $20 testing kits that can put your mind at ease.• Are there working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors?Carbon monoxide and smoke can be deadly. To prevent accidental deaths, you should have a working smoke and carbon monoxide detector on every floor where there is a bedroom and near your chimney or furnace.• Is lint stuck in your dryer vents or ducts?

Dryer lint that becomes blocked in the vents or ducts can start fires. As dryer fires account for approximately 15,000 home fires every year, keeping up with dryer lint removal is a must.

• Do your bathrooms and attic vent to the outside?

If your home is not properly ventilated, you risk growing mold in your bathrooms and dry rot in your attic. This can eventually lead to structural damage that could require expensive repairs.


Identifying and Budgeting for Home Improvements


Creating a renovation budget for the home improvement projects you plan to complete this year can help you stay on track without overspending. Depending on the projects that you have in mind, you’ll want to keep in mind that certain expenditures will come up every few years. These expenditures can potentially include a new roof, new HVAC equipment and kitchen appliances.Depending on the size and cost of your home, you can expect to budget between $2,000 and $7,000 a year for general improvements and upgrades. If you have extra that did not go towards improvements this year, save it so you won’t be scrambling when major repairs or replacements are needed.



If clutter is a serious problem, there’s no time like the present to tackle this major project head-on. Before you make any major changes, you’ll need to identify whether the problem is caused by a lack of storage for your items or if you just have too much stuff.For storage concerns, there are many solutions available that could give you ore space and increase your home’s comfort. For example, you can install high shelving in small hallways, invest in shoe organizers to hold miscellaneous objects like computer wires or even install recessed storage areas between your wall studs. No matter what solution works for your home, you’ll love walking through the door to a clean and comfortable space after a long day.If general clutter is the main issue, you may need to go through each room and reorganize. Tackling one room each week can make the process less overwhelming. Identify where each item should go and make the push to ensure that everything is put back in its place by the end of the day. When it comes to clothing, makeup and other items that you continuously buy more of, consider going through your closet and vanity and donating or throwing out anything that you have not used within the last six months.

Look Forward to Improving Your Home


The start of the new year is the best time to get excited about making improvements to your home. By starting off with a plan of action, you’ll be sure to stay on track and reach those resolutions.

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