Natural Cleaning Ingredients

If you are looking for a safe, green way of cleaning your home, your kitchen may hold the answer. Many baking items contain properties that cut through tough stains and grease but are nontoxic and won’t pollute indoor air.

Using natural ingredients to clean have several major advantages. First, they are cheap. When bought in bulk, they cost less than both commercial cleaning products and eco-friendly cleaners. Second, they are multi-purpose, meaning that just a small number of items can be used to clean the whole house. Finally, they are safe and nontoxic for both the household and for the environment. The main natural ingredients that are used in households are white vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda.

13. VinegarWhite Vinegar:

Due to its acidic properties, vinegar dissolves dirt, grime and mineral deposits from a wide range of surfaces, including glass, kitchen counters, toilets, bathtubs and other smooth surfaces. Vinegar is also known for its antibacterial properties, and is also effective against mold. Uses include but are not limited to:


• Polishing brass and silver
• Pet urine cleaner
• Weed killer
• Cigarette smoke residue remover
• Rust remover from steel and iron

When using vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner, it should always be diluted with equal parts of water.


13. LemonLemon Juice:

Like vinegar, lemon juice is also acidic, making it a great cleaning tool. The juice also works well on counter tops and other smooth surfaces, but can also be used on a number of utensils and as an air freshener.




• Removes grease and bleach stains
• Cleans laminate counter tops
• Bleaches white clothing
• Removes stains from Tupperware
• Insecticide
• Cleans crystal

Halved lemons are often used as an ingredient in commercial detergents and all-purpose cleaners due to their antiseptic properties and smell, which is associated with cleanliness.

Baking Soda:13 Baking soda

Baking soda, also known as bicarbonate of soda or sodium bicarbonate, has alkaline properties, which neutralizes acids. Baking soda is also mildly abrasive to remove dirt and grime, making it a suitable general all-purpose cleaner.



• Cleans refrigerators, microwaves and ovens
• Cleans and deodorizes carpets
• Unclogs drains
• Cleans pots ad pains
• Works as dish and laundry detergent
• Deodorizes trashcans
• Neutralizes pet boxes and cleans pet toys

When combined with vinegar, baking soda reacts to remove tough stains from almost anything. When purchased in bulk, baking soda can be an incredibly cheap and effective way to clean.

Other Natural Ingredients:

White vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda are the top three ingredients used in cleaning. However, there are tons of other baking products that work well on their own or as part of a solution to make the home clean and smell fresh.
• Borax, or sodium borate, disinfects and deodorizes counter tops, tile floors and toilets. Borax can be harmful if inhaled or swallowed by pets or small children, so baking soda is a better alternative for full households.
• Salt is abrasive, and can therefore be used as a natural scouring powder to clean pots and pans. Salt should not be used to clean porcelain or glassware, as it will scratch more delicate items.
• Washing soda, which is very similar to baking soda, cuts through grease, wax and lipstick.

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