Control Humidity

Aprilaire_Feel good inside3When the humidity levels inside your home aren’t right, you notice it.

Too little humidity and everything seems dry and itchy. You may even see cracks in your woodwork and experience static shock. Too much humidity and you get that cold, clammy feeling. Unhealthy mold and mildew can also begin to appear.

Improper humidity aggravates cold and flu symptoms. It can also impact perceived temperature, causing you to over-heat or over-cool your home. That wastes valuable energy resources and costs you money. In fact, other than temperature, nothing affects your comfort more than humidity. And there’s a fairly narrow range between too much and too little.

Installing an Aprilaire humidifier and Aprilaire dehumidifier in addition to the Aprilaire Home Comfort Control will continually manage humidity levels, providing optimum comfort year-round – in every room of your home. Not only will you feel that it’s working, you’ll see that it’s working right on the control. And if you want to make adjustments to suit your personal preferences, you can do so with a simple touch.

Control Dry Air

Control Excess Humidity


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