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It can be difficult to get yourself back into shape after a long, cold winter. It can be even harder if you don’t necessarily enjoy hitting the treadmill or working out indoors. With bathing suit season quickly approaching, however, you may be feeling a little bit of anxiety over getting into the workout groove. Luckily, there are ways that you can get fit simply by being involved in activities that you enjoy.
Turn Your Workout into Play

If you enjoy doing a certain activity, the time can fly by. Playing tag football in the park with friends and family will burn away those calories. Heading to the local tennis court or gym for a game of tennis or volleyball will also get you up and moving. You can also go swimming, playing golf or play a mean game of badminton to help you shed the pounds and strengthen your muscles.

Pick Up a New Activity

Between work and relaxation after work, many people have a lifestyle that is more sedentary than active. Picking up a new activity can help. If you enjoy watching dancing competitions on prime time, consider looking into ballroom or dance classes at a local dance studio. Join a morning walking or running group in your neighborhood. Some areas even have cycling groups if you enjoy bike riding. Even joining the community to become involved in their beautification programs will also get your blood pumping. Not only will you get to meet new people, but they’ll also help you hold yourself accountable so you can start to see results.

Train for Your Vacation

Whether you’re planning a trip to an exotic location or even just to visit parents or friends, you want to be able to enjoy it without feeling tired or sluggish. If you intent to go skiing, biking or even horseback riding, getting into shape before you go means you’ll be more likely to come back with fond memories and not an injury. Flexibility and cardiovascular training will allow you to keep up with the group and give you the strength or stamina you need to make it to the end. You’ll also be able to focus more on the experience rather than on how out of breath you are.

Take Your Indoor Workout Outdoors

If you already have a workout routine but you dread it daily, taking your workout outside can help spice things up. Taking a run through the local park instead of running on a treadmill can make the time go by faster. If you enjoy yoga or other similar workout activities, consider finding a group that meets outdoors so you can enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of the wildlife while you meditate.

Make it a Group Activity

For some, working out alone can be difficult, especially if you aren’t feeling particularly motivated. Joining in on a group activity allows you to meet new people and have some fun. Those who have been involved in your choice activity for some time may even have tips on how to get more out of your workout. They may also be able to offer encouragement and keep you motivated by asking about your progress.

Making a change in your daily routine can be difficult. However, you can start working towards your goal simply by getting off your couch or office chair, heading outside and simply moving. By making it fun to get in shape, you’ll start to find that you not only look the way you want, but you’ll even feel better too.


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