Fall Activities that are Fun for the Whole Family

With school back in session and homework and afterschool activities taking up weeknights and weekends, it can be incredibly difficult to find time to enjoy yourselves as a family unit. However, taking the time off is a great way to relieve stress and get everyone reenergized for the fall season. Here are some easy, family-friendly activities that can get everyone back on track to tackle the stress of school and work.


Pumpkin Picking and Carving

Pumkin patchFor most people, going to the local pumpkin patch to enjoy Halloween and fall-themed entertainment. Depending on the particular pumpkin farm, there is usually something there for everyone, including pony rides for the little ones and even shops and restaurants that cater to those who just cannot wait for Halloween.

If you are planning on visiting your local pumpkin patch on a budget, one way to get everyone excited is to set up a contest. Set the maximum budget per pumpkin and see who can get the closest without going over. Offer a prize to the winner by either offering that person’s favorite candy or other treat. Just make sure to set the contest budget lower than your actual budget in case someone goes over.

Carving pumpkins can also be pretty messy. If it is the mess that you are worried about, have your family members paint the pumpkins instead of carving them. This allows everyone to be creative without making a mess. Alternatively, a number of large craft store chains sell plastic pumpkins that can be carved and decorated similarly to real pumpkins.

Explore New Fall Recipes

With fresh pumpkins and apples being available in large quantities, why not experiment with fresh ingredients that will have your family’s mouths watering? After visiting your local pumpkin patch or apple orchard, pick a new recipe that features these fall favorites to try each week. Make it a family affair by getting the kids involved. Have them help you prepare your ingredients and cooking. If you make this a family tradition, you may find your kids looking forward to fall every year.

Create Fall Decorations

With the promise of candy flowing freely from neighbors, most kids look forward to Halloween. However, you can get them hyped up and energized by having them help you with your fall holiday crafts. Have them help you put together a new fall-themed wreath for the front door, bird feeders for your feathered friends or even spooky skeleton and ghost decorations that will give the neighborhood a fright. Not only will this help you get ready for the holiday, but it will also help your kids take their minds off of their busy schedules for a bit.
Make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Host a Movie Night

On a Friday or Saturday night, put off homework and invite all of your kids’ friends to a movie marathon night. Pop the entire box of popcorn and order a couple of pizzas. Not only will this give your kids something to look forward to as the homework and afterschool activities pile up, but they’ll also have a night that they can laugh off their stress with their friends and get re-energized. This way, they’ll be able to face their normal activities without feeling overworked.

Depending upon the guest-list, it is recommended that the movie list be preapproved by parents. If you have young kids attending, it is probably best to keep the R-rated movies out of the house.

Take a Hike

When school and afterschool activities are starting to take their toll on your kids, pack up a lunch and go take a hike. Whether you live near mountains or have a nearby forest preserve, getting out and being able to move and breath fresh, clean air will help get everyone back on track and ready to face school once again.


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