4 Creative Ways to Keep Cabin Fever Under Control in Bad Weather

30. Cabin feverWhile we’ve seen some particularly frightful winter temperatures in the past, this year has been particularly harsh across the nation. Temperatures have dipped so low that leaving the house in some parts of the country can be risky. However, being cooped up inside all winter, especially if you’ve got active children, can turn unpleasant quickly if cabin fever and boredom set in.


Winter Crafts

Do you have a specific craft in mind that you’ve been dying to start? If the wind chill is turning those unessential errands into more than just a chore, take the day off and start your craft. If you’re stuck indoors with your kids, there are also plenty of activities that will keep them out of your hair so you can get your stuff done.

As an extra bonus, crafters may be interested to note that the post-holiday weeks are an excellent time to shop for clearance craft materials. While many of the materials may be in bright holiday colors, this doesn’t mean that they may be useful for something else or for experimenting before using more expensive materials. With prices up to 70 percent off in many art stores and general retail stores, you just can’t beat the price.

Stay Active Indoors

Even if you’re used to hitting the treadmill and the bench press at your local gym, having a set of dumbbells, a jump rope and an exercise ball can help you keep your muscles warmed up and working if you can’t leave your home. If you’ve got older children, now would be a great time to show them how to properly and safely use the equipment. Not only will this introduce them to a healthy habit, but it will also give them something to channel their energy into.

What if you don’t already have exercise equipment at home? Keeping busy with a purpose can help you keep your mind off being cooped up and give you a chance to use your muscles. If you’ve wanted to rearrange your furniture to give your home a fresh new feel, there’s no better time than when you’re stuck in it. Moving heavy furniture around can provide an excellent workout and will give you a sense of accomplishment.

If you’re stuck indoors with children who are beginning to go nuts out of boredom, help them get a little bit messy. Hunt down as many cushions and pillows as possible and help them create an indoor arena for pillow fights and fort attacks. You can also set up an indoor obstacle course and time everyone. Just make sure to use soft, safe items that won’t leave anyone injured!

Experiment with New Recipes

Food is always a big thing around the holidays. Keep the cooking and baking going through the blizzard by experimenting with new and interesting recipes. You’ll need to prepare for this ahead of when you’ll be stuck indoors by bookmarking the recipes you’re most interested in making and by making sure you’ve got all the ingredients.

If finances are tight, stick to simple and creative treats that will delight your family members. If baking or cooking is already your forte, you may be able to find recipes that use ingredients that you already have in your home. For example, if you’ve already got the basic ingredients you need to experiment with a new cookie recipe, now may be the time to try it.

Educational Play

Winter break is often kids’ favorite time of the school year. However, being stuck indoors can get boring very quickly, especially if the return to school is delayed because of the weather. You can help them beat the information loss during the break and keep them occupied by helping them with some educational play.

For example, if they have a book or movie that they enjoyed while waiting for the weather to clear, help them pick a scene, write up a script and act out a play for other family members. Not only does this give them something to do besides watching television or playing video games, but it also keeps their brain active.

If they received any science kits for the holidays, such as chemistry sets or model kits, suggest that they make use of it. If you find that they’re highly interested in their building set or science kit, you can also help them research more information about it. Finally, baking is full of math. Have them help you prepare a new recipe and keep their brain working by cutting the amount of ingredients in half and letting them figure out how much you need.


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