6 Fun Spring and Summer Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids

summer_funAlthough your kids are probably excited to get out of school and enjoy their summer vacation, the boredom can set in quickly. Although your kids do certainly need some unscheduled time for themselves this summer, there are some fun activities that you can enjoy with your kids to keep them happy and occupied.
1. Take a Picnic to the Park

If you’re looking for a fun day trip, taking your family to a new park or nature preserve may be a fun adventure. Your kids can enjoy exploring the woods or field, playing on the playground or just relaxing in the shade. Pack a light hamper with healthy snacks and water so they can load up when they need to. Many large parks and forest preserves have paths that can be traversed for even more fun.

2. Learn about Your Environment

You don’t need to go far from home for your kids to learn more about the world around them. If they have interests in birds, bugs and wildlife, pick up a guide so they can learn to identify the fauna and flora. Survival guides are also useful as they have information about whether certain plants are edible or poisonous. Having this little bit of knowledge can always be helpful, especially if the kids enjoy spending time outside.

3. Plant a Garden

Kids love to plant and play in the dirt. Give them a patch of dirt that they can call their own. This is a great way to introduce your children to growing vegetables or pretty flowers while giving them something that they can be responsible for. Depending on their age, you can help them learn how to properly grow the different types of plants or just let them figure things out for themselves.

4. Start a Project

During the school year, kids may simply not have enough time to start a major project, especially if they are balancing academics, sports and a social life. During the summer, however, they may have some time to slow down and start a project that really interests them. For example, this may be the time to introduce them to paint-by-number paint sets, crafting projects or computer art. Hands-on woodworking projects also give kids a chance to learn useful skills while they build something they can be proud of.

5. Learn a Language

Not all kids have a chance to learn a second or third language at school, especially if they go to a smaller school. Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Korean are becoming particularly popular to learn, while German, Spanish and French are common languages that kids may run across often. There are numerous computer programs that help teach new languages for affordable prices. Consider learning the chosen language along with your kids so you can all practice together. Not only will you learn faster, but you’ll all have a fun and rewarding learning experience.

6. Learn how to Cross-stitch, Knit or Crochet

Learning how to cross-stitch, knit or crochet together can be tons of fun, especially during rainy, slow days. For kids who rush through activities, needle crafts can teach them to work more slowly while still getting to experience their progress first hand. Further, this gives your child a skill that they can use to earn some cash should they decide to take their skills to the next level.

Have Fun this Spring and Summer

Keeping your kids active and learning this spring and summer can hard if you don’t know where to start. However, getting your kids involved in activities that you already enjoy or that you want to get started with can make the spring and summer months much more fun for everyone.


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