5 Ways to Stay Warm in Winter While Using the Heater Less

If you live in an area that is known for getting very cold during the winter, you know just how expensive it can be to run the heater during those months. You most likely already know that blocking the drafts will keep your home warmer; however, you can still feel the cold especially at night. When you need a quick temperature boost, there are some ways that you can warm yourself up without having to rely on expensive heat.

Change Your Sheets and ComfortersBedding

Regular cotton blankets, sheets and comforters may be comfortable to sleep in during other times of the year. During the winter, however, you may find yourself waking up cold. Not only can this make it much more difficult to wake up in the morning, it may take some time for you to get your energy levels up. By changing to soft flannel sheets, you’ll feel much warmer throughout the night even when the temperatures drop outside.


Drink Warm Beverages

A warm mug of tea or coffee can make you feel refreshed and a bit warmer. Not only will you fell more awake, you’ll bring some warmth back into your hands. For the kids, you can even get some spiced apple cider brewing on the stove or some hot cocoa warming up in the microwave. They’ll love sipping on their treat while watching a family movie under a pile of blankets.

Cook At HomeCook Your Meals at Home

The oven is extremely adept at heating up your house. Plan some meals that you can cook with your significant other. Winter and the holidays are the perfect time to try out that recipe that you didn’t have time for. It’s also a great time to bake treats for your family and friends.

While the heat coming from your oven will make your home considerably warmer, keep in mind that you never want to keep your oven turned on just for warmth. Leaving an oven on without supervision can be a fire risk. As long as you having something cooking and you are keeping an eye on it, you should be just fine.


When you exercise, you get your blood warmed up and moving. Simply stretching or hitting some yoga poses can make your body feel warmer, re-energize you and get you into a healthier mindset. In fact, some yoga positions and breathing techniques are actually designed to warm you up. For the best results, take some classes at your local gym or grab a DVD that you can use at home in your spare time. Not only will you feel warmer, your health will thank you too.

Wear Footie PJ’s

Although they can look a bit silly, onesies that have attached feet can make you feel warm and toasty no matter how cold it is indoors. Onesies are not only comfortable, but they’ll also keep you warm as the material will essentially provide insulation that traps your body heat. If you have arms and feet that seem to get very cold in the winter no matter how many pairs of socks you wear, you’ll find that your trusty onesie can provide your limbs with the warmth you need.

footed-pajama-green-babyOnesies can come in all designs and sizes. If you intend to spend some time at home for the holidays, why not grab some onesies for every member of your family? Children and adults will love to be warm and comfortable in these fun outfits.

Stay Warm this Winter

There are plenty of fun ways to stay warm this winter without having to turn on the heat. By finding ways to keep yourself warm, happy and healthy, you’ll have a brighter outlook and a less expensive energy bill.

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