Tips for Staying Productive during the Winter

Tips for Staying Productive during the Winter


Once the New Year celebrations come and go, we are left with several months of bleak weather and short, dark days. For many people, this time of year is particularly hard, especially for those who live in colder climates. Some of these individuals may find that they are unmotivated, more tired and less active than usual.

Why are We Less Productive in Winter?

According to the experts, part of the reason we experience the winter blues is the post-holiday letdown. Once the holidays are over, many people become confined indoors. This can lead to boredom, feelings of illness or even cabin fever. Others may have made resolutions that they have already broken, which can be discouraging and make people feel not too good about themselves. Still others suffer from seasonal affective disorder, known as SAD, while still others have other mental health conditions that are made worse by the cold and confinement. To stay productive during the winter, however, there are some things you can do.

Pick Up a Physical Activity

Getting regular exercise throughout the winter can improve your sleep and help reduce stress. If it is too cold to exercise outside, just leaving your home to go to the gym can help make you feel more accomplished. Regular exercise will also give your body a boost of energy and some feel-good post-exercise endorphins that your body may be craving.

Start Over

If you have already have broken your New Year’s resolutions, do not fret. In some cases, you may have set yourself up for failure by setting goals that are simply not achievable. Take one or two of your goals and simplify them so that they a goal that is reachable. Then, simply start the year over by beginning to work on those resolutions. Any time you find yourself slipping into old behaviors, simply refocus and pick up those new behaviors where you left off.

Find an Outside Activity

Even if you are not a big fan of snow or the cold, spending some time outdoors can help you elevate your mood and get your body moving. Even just getting out of the house and into the sun for 10 minutes a day can help alleviate the symptoms of SAD or cabin fever. This also allows you to get some fresh air during the workday, which can help clear your head and give you a bit of energy to finish out the day.

Watch What You Eat

Although you may want to stick to comfort foods and sugary drinks to help you get through the winter, these types of foods can actually make you feel sluggish or even bloated. Heavy meals and a nap on the weekends may sound like a good idea if you intend to stay home that day, but you may want to stick to something a bit lighter and not full of carbohydrates. If you find yourself relying on coffee to get yourself through the day, consider switching to decaf or green tea after your first cup to prevent caffeine crashes.

Stay Healthy

Ultimately, staying healthy is the number one thing that will help you stay motivated and active during the winter. Missing school or work due to an illness can make it harder to get back into the swing of things as you now have twice as much work to complete as you did before. While it can be very difficult not to get sick when everyone else does, consider taking vitamins and even wearing a face mask to help prevent untimely illness.

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