April is

Air Conditioning Month! 


How old is your air conditioning system? The cost for R-22 refrigerant has risen dramatically in the last couple of years and will soon be obsolete. Repairing old systems can be impractical because of cost.

Replace your old air conditioning system with new R410a this Spring and save! 

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Spring allergies? Get relief by installing an Aprilaire Whole Home Air Cleaner. 

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Why Smart Move Home Comfort Solutions?

Family run, family values.

Our entire family owns and runs the business. Steve organizes the field work, Erin runs the office and the boys help with both installations and handle all the old equipment recycling. They become quite the "scrappers", taking our recycling to a local scrap yard that is owned by a friend from church. We have friends that help us also, Becki handles all the office functions and we have a crew helping with installations and repairs. If you are looking for a truly "Family Owned, Local HVAC Business" call us!


“Go Green for Less with Smart Move!”

Green is more than just our motto, it’s our way of life. We personally have 4 tote size recycle bins at our home. We recycle EVERYTHING we can.

As a business, we recycle all the old equipment and all the cardboard used in new installations.

We encourage new installations of high-efficiency HVAC equipment when you need a replacement. You can save up to 40% of your fuel use by upgrading to a new high-efficiency 95% Trane furnace and get some pretty good rebates from the utility companies. They are motivating customers to use less fuel. That's better for you AND for the environment.

Great References and More!

Just ask any of our current customers, your safety and comfort is our first priority. 


Why Trane?

 Trane, a leading global provider of indoor comfort systems also began as a family-owned business more than a century ago.

In 1885, James Trane opened his plumbing company in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and in 1913 was joined by his engineer son, Rueben. Their small company gradually evolved from plumbing into manufacturing heating products. Their first innovation was a low-pressure steam heating system called Trane Vapor Heating, and by 1925 their lighweight, highly efficient convector radiator could replace the heavy cast-iron radiators of their day. Their first air conditioner, the Trane Unit Cooler, was designed in 1931. It was a bold new idea from a company that was becoming well-known for its innovative thinking. Through the decades that followed, the innovative thinking became a hallmark of Trane. In 1982, Trane acquired the central air conditioning department of General Electric, forging an even stronger future for Trane in the manfacturing of residential comfort systems.

Today, Trane continues the tradition of applying leading-edge technology to the design and manufacturing of air conditioning and heating systems.

The legacy lives on with Trane's dedication to providing unparalleled expertise, outstanding quality and exceptional service to ensure their products deliver dependable, superior comfort, year after year.


Trane does things differently.

They are a different kind of manufacturer and they don't mind admitting it. They don't just assemble pieces into parts and parts into air conditioners. Trane engineers spend years researching and developing products based on the the analysis of consumer and dealer needs. They design their products and components using the most durable materials and the most innovative technologies available. They manufacture their products with the tightest specifications and the highest industry standards. They test their products - over, and over and over again. At Trane, they control product quality from idea to installation. That makes them, and us, just a little different from the other guys.

Trane builds air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers, coils and packaged units for the residential markets - products that are efficient to operate, work when they are supposed to, last for a long time and provide the ideal home environment.


Here a partial list of third party Trane endorsements.